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Toronto Inspection & Engineering Services is a reputable, well-established professional services firm. We provide comprehensive civil engineering services specializing in building condition assessments, investigations, engineering inspections, and quality assurance and quality control testing. We strive to provide quality services with integrity.

Engineering Services

Building Sciences
Inspection and evaluation for water penetration, air leakage, and heat transfer. Inspection during construction of exterior wall systems, roofing systems, windows, and curtain wall systems.

Building Condition Assessment
Existing building structure evaluation, and identification of potential issues and problems.

Investigation And Evaluation of Existing Building Structures
Investigating cause of issues. Evaluating severity of deterioration or damage.

Geotechnical Engineering
Subsurface borehole investigation and soil testing for building foundations, deep foundations, machine foundations, and retaining walls.

Environmental Engineering
Phase I and II ESA reports.

Inspection and Materials Testing
Inspection, quality assurance, and quality control testing for construction and restoration projects.

Research And Product Development
Research of construction materials, construction product development, laboratory testing, trial batches, and test method development.

Inspection and Field Testing:

Laboratory Testing:

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